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Wellness Programs and Discounts

Valuable extras are part of every CoventryOne plan. Members can take advantage of a wide variety of wellness resources and discount programs designed to complement plan benefits.

Learn more about the perks your health coverage plan has to offer.

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Log in or register for My Online Services and access a Health Information library that’s personalized just for you. The library includes wellness tools, such as a health risk assessment and a variety of digital health coaching programs that can help you stay on track with healthy habits.

Assess Your Health

Make the most of your health plan benefits. The Succeed® health risk assessment (HRA) gives you a better understanding of your health status and helpful hints. This tool is:

  • Completely confidential – Your personal information stays private and protected
  • Easy – It takes only 20 minutes to complete. You can complete it all at once or do it little by little, saving your information each time. It’s available in English and Spanish.
  • Free – It’s included as part of your benefit package.
  • Practical – You’ll come away with tips and advice that is just for you.

Digital Health Coaching

The results of your HRA drive digital health coaching programs that are built just for you. After completing the HRA, you will receive a report that lets you know what steps to take next. You can also participate in any of these programs for more support in reaching your goals:

  • Balance® weight management
  • Breathe® tobacco cessation
  • Nourish® nutrition improvement
  • Move® physical activity
  • Relax® stress management
  • Achieve® cholesterol management
  • Care® for blood pressure
  • Care® for sleep
  • Care® for depression

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