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CoventryOne plans give you access to local doctors and hospitals in your community, close to home. And our online provider search tool makes finding a provider simple. If you’re not yet a member or you’re just doing a quick search, use our public search tool to locate doctors, hospitals and other health care providers in your area. Select the product or network to get started.

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If you're already a member, the best way to search for a provider in your area is to register or log in to My Online Services. You can also use the Coventry Mobile app to find a provider.

Additional Provider Networks in Illinois

MHNet Mental Health Network

MHNet refers you to qualified, credentialed behavioral health providers who possess the specialty and expertise needed to help you. A physician referral is not needed, but an authorization from MHNet to seek treatment is required. MHNet represenatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to refer you to an in-network provider. Members or providers can contact MHNet directly for an authorization at 877-227-3520.

MHNet Mental Health Provider Search

EyeMed Pediatric Vision Network

If you are enrolled in a benefit plan with pediatric vision benefits using the EyeMed Vision network, enter the provider search below for the “Insight” network, or call 1-855-727-2614.

Pediatric Vision Search

Coventry Pediatric Dental Network

If you are enrolled in a benefit plan with pediatric dental benefits using the Coventry Dental network, enter the provider search below and select the plan “Pediatric Dental” for the “DentaMax” network, or call 1-866-690-4908.

Pediatric Dental Search

Why Use Find a Doctor?

CoventryOne plans give you access to local providers and hospitals in your community, close to home. With our online search tool, you can:

  • Find a doctor, facility or hospital by name
  • Search based on your ZIP code or state/county/city
  • Search based on specific health conditions
  • View details like name, address, phone number and office hours
  • View maps with driving directions
  • And more

Looking for a doctor who speaks a foreign language? No problem. Our online search tool shows you that information, too.
Before you receive services from a provider, it’s a good idea to check to see if the provider participates in our network. This helps to keep your costs low.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate and timely information. Our provider network is constantly changing so we can offer you the right access in the right place at the right time. Local providers who participate in each of our service areas are included. Please be sure to select the correct product (PPO, etc.) from the list when doing your search.

Some network providers, like vision, dental and behavioral health providers are not available within this provider search tool. To find out information about any specialty networks in your local area, please select your state from the main page to explore local health plan information.

Please note: The participation of any doctor, hospital or other health care provider is not guaranteed. This is true, even when you are referred by your doctor or primary care physician.

If you have questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The number to Customer Service is also located on your member ID card.