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Getting a Quote and Comparing Plans

Do I need to register or sign up to get a quote?

Getting a quote is easy.  We ask just a few simple questions to get to know you.  And there's no obligation to buy.

What information is required to get a quote?

Along with some contact information, it's easy to get a free quote.

  • Enter your ZIP code, date of birth, gender and whether or not you're a tobacco user.
  • Add family members (optional).
  • Choose a coverage date.
  • Click "Get a Quote."

When can my coverage start?

We ask when you want your coverage to start when you get a quote. The dates available for your start date appear in the drop-down menu. The date you choose will be the date your coverage will start. 

When you click the “Apply” button, you may have the option to change your coverage start date to “Day of CoventryOne approval.” Choosing this date means your coverage will begin the day you are approved for coverage.

Why don't you have coverage in my area?

First, check to make sure you entered the correct ZIP code. If you entered the correct ZIP code and received a message that no plans are available, call our Sales Center at 1-877-907-4044 to discuss your options.

Why are you asking when I want my coverage to start when I just want to look at plans?

With our online rating tool, you are able to compare plans and view rates at the same time. Rates are based on availability and coverage start date. Before applying, you can always change your requested coverage start date. However, please note that rates may change if you change your coverage start date. The coverage start date is also known as the “effective date.”

How do I add someone to my quote?

You can add a family member to your quote at any time. To do so, click on “Modify Search” at the top of your screen.

How do I look at plan details?

The easiest way to see the details of a plan is to click on the plan name.  A page that lists detailed information about the plan will then appear.

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